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Summer Schedule Starts on Sunday!

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Summer is coming and we will be moving to our extended schedule this coming Sunday, June 16th. Starting Sunday, we will be offering three scheduled departures per day, two on our open-air style boats and one on the semi-covered boat at 12 noon. Don’t forget reservations are always recommended, especially in June, July and August.

We have had excellent success with our sightings so far this year. We have had an unprecedented number of Humpback Whales in the area this year. Never, in all of our years on the water, have we had this many Humpback Whales spotted. So far we have seen two of our three Resident Killer Whale pods in the inland waters of the Salish Sea.  J-Pod came back into the air in late May and L-Pod was seen traveling with them a few days later. So far, we have had no sightings of K-Pod, but we are expecting them at anytime.

Transient Killer Whales have been spotted on a regular basis all season. We have had some pretty special encounters in the past few weeks with some relatively large groups of Transients. Yesterday, we saw the T65As and the T75s. They were hunting Harbour Porpoise and then sharing the meal with everyone in the family. Today we have a group of over 20 Transients, including T20 & T21, traveling along the Galiano shoreline headed north. Shaping up to be an awesome, whale-filled summer!

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