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The 2013 Whale-Watching Season is Over….

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We are sad to say that the 2013 whale-watching season is now over. We wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our guests and tourism partners that made this an amazing year!! Thank you to all of our hard working staff as well, you did a fantastic job!! It was a busy year, right up to the very end. This has been one of the nicest (and driest) Octobers we have ever seen in Vancouver. The good weather meant we got lots of trips out and we got to see lots of whales, seals and of course the big groups of sea lions that make the Fall so much more fun!

2013 did see a significant absence in the form of our resident Killer Whales….We had significantly fewer encounters with our residents this year and they were absent from the inland waters of Washington and southern BC for much of the year. We heard reports they were spending time offshore on the banks closer to the continental shelf. There must have been lots of fish there for them!! Despite their long periods away, we did get some amazing days with Southern Resident super pods that will not be forgotten. The absence of the Residents meant we had a lot more encounters with Transient Killer Whales & Humpback Whales.

2013 was the year of the Humpback Whale! We had a huge jump in the number of sightings throughout the year. One Humpback, nicknamed Windy, spent most of the Summer & Fall in the Strait of Georgia. Windy entertained our guests and staff many days this summer as we watched it lunge feeding, breaching, slapping pectoral and dorsal fins and just being curious about the boat, kelp, logs…Can’t wait to see if Windy is back next year! Some of our other Humpback stars this year include: Yogi, Cassiopea, Split Fin, Split Fluke, Quattro and Big Momma!

We will re-open in April 2014 and we are looking forward to the surprise and excitement of another season on the water in the Salish Sea!!

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