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Thank You for a wonderful Season!

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We wanted to thank all of our guests for a wonderful 2014 whale-watching season. It has been one the best seasons on record for whale sightings, but it is our wonderful, enthusiastic guests that make our jobs so rewarding and we thank you for coming out with us this season and hope to see you again soon!

2014 was anticipated to be an amazing year for wildlife in the Salish Sea as it was expected to be a boom year for salmon in the Fraser River and it did not disappoint! During the summer months, we had 97% success in finding whales. We saw a lot of our Southern Resident community and many different pods of Transient Killer Whales hunting seals and porpoise. The Southern Residents seemed to be spending more time in smaller groups this year, we often saw J-Pod breaking up into smaller, matrilineal groups. Granny and Onyx often lead the way, bringing some members of the pod right up to the mouth of the Fraser River and the entrance to Vancouver’s English Bay. As the summer went on, we did get to see a number of Superpods involving the whole community, which is a spectacular site especially when their bellies are full of fish and they are feeling playful!

Transient or Bigg’s Killer Whales again made up a large percentage of our sightings this year, as their population continues to expand were are encountering them more and more frequently throughout the Southern Gulf Islands. We had some encounters which were not for the faint of heart. We saw them playing with seals for a long time before finally munching down and batting poor porpoise out of the water with powerful tail flukes. A strong salmon run attracted lots of marine mammals to the area making it excellent hunting grounds for hungry families of killer whales.

We also saw lots of Humpback Whales this season, mostly in October. Every Fall we have more Humpbacks moving through the area as they get ready to head to their winter grounds in Hawaii & Mexico. Hopefully this trend continues next season! Our trips start again next year in mid-April and we hope you will join us!

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