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An Amazing Season…so far!

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Summer is just around the corner, starting Saturday we will be offering three departure times daily, 10am, 11am & 12 noon. 2015 is Wild Whales Vancouver’s 12 season and so far this has been our best season yet! Whales have been seen on over 95% of our tours this year, with lots of Killer Whales & Humpback Whales in the area.

Two of our resident pods, J & L, have already made appearances in the inland waters of the Salish Sea (their Summer & Fall habitat) bringing with them all of the new Southern Resident calves that were born over the winter. Four babies under a year old!!! They appear to be healthy and active while swimming alongside their Moms and older siblings. We have also seen many different pods of Transient Killer Whales including two exotic Killer Whales who are only commonly seen in Alaska.

We have also seen many Humpback whales in the Straight of Georgia this Spring. In past years Humpback whales were mostly spotted in the September & October. This year has been very different. We have seen many of our known Humpback whales including, Windy, Split Fin, Split Fluke, Cassiopeia and Big Mamma in the area already! They have bee spending alot of time in the Straight of Georgia and Boundary Pass. We have seen them breaching, cartwheeling, slapping their tail flukes & pectoral fins as well as lunge feeding. It is pretty amazing! We can’t wait to see what happens in years to come as the North Pacific population continues to grow and re-colonize areas of the Salish Sea all summer long!

For those looking to make a reservation for this summer, we suggest booking well in advance. Our trips have been selling out quickly so far in June and we expect that we will continue to be very busy throughout the summer.

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