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Best Season Ever!

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We’re having a whale of a time with what is shaping up to be our best season yet! Since reopening in mid-April we have had whale sightings every day except one, 99% success rate! Most of these sightings have been orca, but we have also been visiting our summer resident humpbacks. It’s always great spending time with these animals that are larger than our boats!

The Southern Resident killer whales have been very active lately, full of acrobatics and offering plenty of viewings of their four brand new babies! These are the first successful calves we’ve seen since 2013, so it’s been especially exciting watching them learn how to hunt and play alongside their families! The Transient killer whales have been living up to their “killer” reputations, putting on shows of unleashing their impressive hunting skills upon the harbour seals and porpoises that live in these coastal waters.

With such a successful season upon us we have been filling up very quickly. So we recommend making your bookings at least a week in advance to ensure you get your trip of choice! We’ve also recently added Sunset Eco-Tours to our agenda! Every Saturday night for $60 you can join us on a 3hr tour experience with visits to some of our coastal wildlife and a beautiful view of the sunset from the water.

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