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The Wild Whales adventure continues..

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Since our return to the Salish Sea in early April to begin another epic season of whale and wildlife adventures, we have been spoiled for choice with all of the animal action we’ve been getting, so it looks like it’s going to be an awesome summer. Since our 2016 adventures began we’ve already had very high rates of successful sightings, seeing whales every single day in May!

The majority of these sighting have been Bigg’s (transient) Orca, but we have also been getting some early visits from our summer resident Humpback whales, which is always exciting and awe-inspiring considering the sheer size of these great whales, which often dwarf our boats. Our Southern Resident Orca have been busy chasing salmon and have just showed up in the Straight of Georgia today!! Earlier in the season we had a few lovely encounters with our Resident J Pod matriarch Granny (J2), who is thought to be turning 105 this year and is the oldest known wild Orca in the world.

Our Bigg’s (transient) Orca have been providing lots of exciting and high energy acrobatic hunting and feeding displays that we have been very lucky to witness up close. Our steady coastal population of harbor seals and porpoise provide all the sustenance these active “killer” whales need. Just this week we were delighted to find out that one of our transients, T100B, is a new momma to a beautiful new calf T100B2. It’s always incredibly exciting to watch the new babies play alongside their families while they learn how to hunt, and it’s great to know the population numbers are on the rise.
With such a successful start to the season we are beginning to fill up quickly in advance, so we recommend making your bookings at least 3-4 days in advance to ensure you get your trip of choice!

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