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Welcome our new open concept vessel “Eagle Eyes”!

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Summer is finally here and so is the newest addition to our fleet, an open concept, twin hulled, hydroplaning catamaran: “Eagle Eyes”. We are excited about our new vessel and the fact that we are seeing whales on 93% of our trips since our season started. One of our best seasons! We are seeing orca (killer whales) about 80% of the time and humpback whale sightings are up this year at about 40% of our tours. We are even getting lucky and have seen both species on several of our tours. We are particularly seeing lots of Bigg’s orca (also called Transient killer whales) which eat marine mammals. There is lots of food out there for them because there favourite food are harbour seals and it is seal pupping season. Seal pups are starting to make an appearance on many of the haul-outs and we will be keeping an eye out for those cute little ones too! 

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