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Our 2018 whale watching season has begun!

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A new whale watching season is here! We have been avidly watching whale reports and sightings over the winter – counting down the days until April 1st! Reports of killer whales were plentiful during our offseason and we are expecting this trend to continue. As we at Wild Whales were all anxiously anticipating the start to our season, we were thrilled to hear of a sperm whale sighting in our local waters! The whale was spotted just a few weeks ago and marked the first sperm whale reported in British Columbia since 1984.

Our first week of tours was blustery but successful! Although we had to cancel and delay some of our tours due to high winds and rough seas, we still managed to get off the dock and see orca almost every single day. On Friday we were fortunate enough to see both a family of orca as well as a humpback whale! Although temperatures have been lower than average for Vancouver, it has not stopped the reservations from rolling in. It looks like its going to a be a busy and exciting season for us, and we are all geared up to share our wild coast with guests from around the globe!

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