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Great, great day. Breaches, fins, seals and bald eagles. Fabulous ending to vacation.

Denise and Phil

Our Boats

Wild Whales Vancouver currently has five boats designed expressly for wildlife viewing in our fleet. All five vessels:

  • Have a bathroom on-board,
  • Are equipped with the latest in marine safety, navigation and communication equipment,
  • Are inspected and certified by Transport Canada.

Special Features

While on board any of our three vessels, passengers will have access to

  • Complimentary binocular use,
  • Local wildlife guides and articles,
  • Marine charts for viewing,
  • Bottled water and a complimentary snack.
  • All vessels are equipped with underwater hydrophones to allow passengers to listen in to the whales’ vocalizations.

Jing Yu

Jing Yu by Ashley

The Jing Yu is the newest addition to our fleet. This state-of-the-art high speed catamaran was designed to be an ideal whale watching boat for our waters. Jing Yu has the speed to get you to the whales quickly and in exhilarating comfort. This semi-covered boat has large windows on each side, giving you the feel of an open boat but without the need for exposure suits.


Quick Change II

The Quick Change II is a 23-passenger, 40 ft. jet boat that offers comfortable, covered seating with sliding windows at each seat. There is an open viewing platform at the back of the boat for those looking to get a little sun and some more photographic opportunities. We recommend this boat for those who want to stay 100% dry and have the option of getting out of the sun. We also recommend this boat for those traveling with small children.

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Pod Pilot

For our more adventurous guests, we offer the Pod Pilot, a 39 ft., 23-passenger vessel that is completely exposed to the elements. Part of the Pod Pilot experience is suiting up in your full length, anti-exposure suit, this makes for good photos, but more importantly, it will keep you warm and insulated from the wind and spray. This vessel offers an unrestricted, 360° view of the stunning wildlife and scenery.

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Orca Maru

Similar in style to the Pod Pilot, is the Orca Maru. This 40 ft., 23-passenger vessel had a successful maiden season in 2010 and we are looking forward to many more trips to come. The Orca Maru offers an experience very similar to the Pod Pilot. It also offers an unrestricted, 360° view and is completely exposed to the elements, you will also be provided with a full-length anti-exposure suit.

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Eagle Eyes (New Vessel – Summer 2017!)





Eagle Eyes is a 43ft 35-passenger open vessel, designed specifically for whale watching in this area. As an open vessel, it offers a similar experience to the Pod Pilot and Orca Maru, including an unrestricted, 360° view and exposure to the elements! Guests booked on Eagle Eyes will get a full-length anti-exposure suit.