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The best time of my life, and best birthday present ever! - August 7th, 2016

April and Dan Slyk - Edmonton

Trip Route- Whale Watching

Although wildlife is the focus of our trip, the scenery along the way is not to be forgotten! Every trip is different, as we follow reports of the whales’ location; but, you will get amazing views of the city skyline, Stanley Park and the Coast Mountains as we leave and return to Vancouver.

We often travel towards the Canadian Gulf Islands, one of Canada’s National Parks, and the US San Juan Islands. Exploring the narrow channels and passes between the islands provides incredible views of unspoilt wilderness and the isolated, waterfront homes and communities that dot the shorelines. Considered one of the most ecologically at risk regions in Canada, the Gulf Islands are low lying and have a unique climate, supporting many plants and animals not found elsewhere in Canada.

Please note, the following route is a sample of an average trip.  Trip routes are based on reports of whales and change regularly.

Trip Route- Eco Tours

We currently do not have regularly scheduled eco-tours, but they are offered on a charter basis (see trips & rates page for charter prices). Although charters can be customized based on the group on-board and any time restrictions they may have, we often suggest a tour of local Howe Sound, where wildlife viewing and beautiful scenery are plenty.