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August Excitement!

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August has been an action-packed month so far! Today we stumbled across a group of about 20 Pacific White-Sided dolphins – always a spectacular show. Earlier in the week we headed toward San Juan island to hang out with J-pod. ¬†As we descended into a thick blanket of fog, we were surprised by J17 (Princess Angeline – one of the whales seen in the movie “Free Willy”), her Daughter J28 (Polaris), and Polaris’ 2-year old calf, J46 (Star). Three generations of killer whales, all in one moment! We’ve also been fortunate enough to spot an adult humpback whale in the Gulf islands, as well as several groups of Transient killer whales lurking around the area (Harbour seals, beware!). With August off to such a great start, we’re excited to see what the rest of the month will bring!

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