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Whale Season Continues!

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The tree lines are sprinkled with burnt orange and red leaves, the air is a tad crisper, and there’s sadness on the kiddie’s faces as they lug their book bags to and fro. Summer holidays are over here in Vancouver, BUT WHALE SEASON IS NOT! With many warm days left in our forecast we are looking forward to our fall whale watching season – which from some staff’s point of view is the best, most plentiful season for whale watching 😉

All four of our vessels are running in full swing and we’ve been sighting whales on over 90% of our tours this season. Almost daily we’ve been seeing orca, with the majority being our ‘transient/Biggs’ ecotype. These are the marine-mammal-eating orcas and boy, have they definitely lived up to their name this season. With an exceedingly healthy population of Pacific harbor seals glittering our coastline our guests have been witness to orca dinner parties semi-regularly. It’s as wild as it sounds.

As well, in pursuit of those beautiful king salmon, the resident orca population has been popping in and out of the area a couple times a week. They are always full of charisma and never fail to endear us with their unbreakable and incomparable familial bonds. Not a trip goes by where we don’t hear at least one passenger cooing and “aww”ing at the orca babies.

We anticipate the return of many of our local goliaths – the graceful humpbacks that have fortunately been finding the food plentiful in the Salish Sea and northern BC. With several encounters a week for the past few weeks we are very excited to greet even more old friends as they return from northern waters and continue on their migration to the tropics.

And let’s not forget about the return of the grumpy sea lions! Those Stellar sea lions are back; grunting, snorting, and lazing on the rocks like they just don’t care. Always getting laughs from our passengers, we hope they stick around until the end of our season!

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